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Things to do in Brisbane

The school holidays are upon us, and our kids will have the free time they’ve been looking forward to. But what’s important is how they can beat the boredom and make it meaningful altogether.

The first thing a lot of kids will think of after being trapped in classes for so long is just getting out. In the Brisbane area, there are outdoor activities that are both enriching and loads of fun.

● Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Wildlife conservation has always been in our hearts. And if our kids learn to love the wildlife we share our lives with, they’ll grow up to be the next generation who wants to protect them.

● Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - Tap into their appreciation for the great outdoors however they may have it: on foot, on horseback, or by bicycle.

We know they just got out of class, but you’d be surprised to find how eager they can get when learning about things that interest them.

● Open House - Brisbane is a land of rich history, with many historical sites that are open to the public to explore and educate.

● Aboriginal Experience – Spirits of the Red Sand - It’s important to understand our cultural roots and how we as a people got here, and it’s just as important to open our children to these from an early age.

Besides these, there are quite a few niches all over the city that offer meaningful fun to keep kids entertained throughout the holidays.

● The Escape Hunt Experience - For those who like mystery and solving puzzles, consider these game rooms where families have to think together to escape the traps laid out for them.

● Slideways Go Karting - If you’re a family into motorsport and excitement, you’ll get all that and more as you speed down these tracks.

At the end of the day, you can always take a cue from Eat Street, and go looking for all the great cafes and restaurants all over Brisbane. After all, finding a good place to eat and enjoying a meal together is one of the fundamental activities a family can do; emphasis on fun.

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