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We Still Have a Few Weeks of Winter: Here are Some Tips to Make Your Home Warm and Cosy.

Although winter is whizzing by, we still have a few weeks left to stay warm and cosy. How can we style our homes for these cold and dark days? Home styling doesn’t have to be a costly affair, and with a few key pieces of furniture or decor items, you can make your home warm and cosy in no time at all.

Lighting! Add light to the area in these darker months. The presence of a lamp creates a lovely ambiance, makes the room feel more welcoming and brightens the room. Don't forget about the small things when it comes to your home’s decor.

A fireplace and some flowers on a coffee table can make for great visual appeal. Candles and fireplaces provide warmth through their flames, as well as create ambiance with soft lighting. If you are looking for affordable options, try candles in glass jars or an oil diffuser that can offer lovely soft illumination for your area if you're working with a tiny space, such as a bedroom or bathroom.

Warm and cosy homes are essential to our overall well-being. The winter season can be tough on all of us, but it doesn’t have to make your home feel that way. One great way to do this is by adding texture with woven throws or cushions and using textures like a plush blanket or faux fur.

I remember extremely long and freezing cold winters which, I do not miss. Luckily our winters are not too bad when compared to many places but it can still get chilly. The good news is that winter style trends allow you to create a warm and cosy space without impeding your wallet so even though our winters are short and bearable we can change things around at little cost.

Trends right now -Copper is strong this season. Not only does its rich hue provide the perfect amount of warmth to your home’s interior, but it also adds light to a dark room. There are many ways to add copper to your style arsenal including using it as decor (think accents or accessories), a furniture piece, or even accent wall feature

A warm and inviting home can make all the difference to how you feel in the change of season. If you buy smart, many of the items purchased can be put away when it starts to warm up and should be able to be reused again next year.

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