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Transform the experience, experience the difference

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This experience is delivered to you, the landlord, or tenants in a user-friendly, first of its kind  App so everyone (Landlord, tenant, tradespeople, and Property management) can stay connected and informed in real-time.

Full transparency
With real-time updates, landlords and tenants will remain informed about their property, including live rental transactions

Smart repairs
Tenants will solve hundreds of maintenance items all on their own thanks to our self-help guides, saving you as a Landlord $1000's!

One place
Information is organized and accessible at any time of the day. Landlords and tenants can access what they want when they want it.

Why choose Noble Properties Brisbane and Lululiv?

  1. Taking care of your asset

  2. Optimising your cash flow

  3. Looking after your tenant

  4. Making it simple

  5. Energised team of experts

  6. Everything at your fingertips (no following up)

  7. Technology that excites

  8. Succeeding together

call Kristy or Kylie to discuss your investment property needs - on 0416 808 608

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