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Infrastructure and Community Upgrades in Brisbane

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

1. Cross River Rail

New Boggo Road Station

- This new underground station will unlock core transport network bottlenecks and transform travel across South East Queensland.

- Will improve quality of life, economy, employment by the thousands, and accelerate urban development across Brisbane.

- A new station at Boggo Road will stimulate the growth of the existing health, science and education precinct which is already home to thousands of employees.

- The Boggo Road Station will integrate with pedestrian connections walkways, cycle paths, Park Road train station, and bus services providing improved access to both UQ and the CBD.

Boggo Road Station Precinct

- A connected precinct linked to the city.

- Specialising in health, science and education jobs of the future

Dutton Park station

- It will benefit from platform and convenience upgrades as well as a new pedestrian linking to Annerley Road.

- A new, independently accessible, covered pedestrian bridge to the station will be constructed south of Annerley Road.

Photo by: Your Neighbourhood, 2019

2. Neighbourhood Upgrades for Nathan, Salisbury and Moorooka

- Intended guide for future development, land use, and infrastructure over a 10-year period

- Considerations for existing and future communities while retaining the familiarity of the current environment.

- Audit development potential of industrial, commercial, and residential areas for employment growth and elevated standards of living.

- Capitalisation on significant infrastructure investments, including the world class education and sporting facilities in the area.

- Maintain and preserve the character of residential areas in key locations.

- Protect and promote the biodiversity, and environmental wealth of Toohey Forest and the area’s creek corridors.

- Advance streetscapes and walkability between major employment areas, residential areas and public transport infrastructure.

I have a vision that this translates to an increase in overall activity and greater ease of access. As a result, it is expected that Brisbane will attract new residents and businesses, bolstering the local economy and quality of life.

For residents in our area that should mean, increase property valuations. If you are curious to learn more about what it means for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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