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5 tips to help you sell your home this Winter:

Let us ensure that the sale of your home is a smooth, stress free process!

Happy first day of winter! We have well and truly been feeling the chilly mornings already!

With the everchanging property market, home owners become more curious about the value of their home.

There is no perfect time of the year to sell a property, so forget what you've been told about the need to have flowers blooming and bees buzzing in order to get the best price.

Many people believe that spring is the most popular season for open houses but that doesn't make it the best time to sell. Spring is also when an avalanche of new properties enter the market, strengthening supply so much that it can potentially dampen prices.

Time your sale for results

Winter sales by contrast can deliver great results because with fewer properties on the market, choice is restricted, and that limits the buyer's ability to negotiate down the price, so it's worth talking to your agent about the benefits of selling in a colder market.

Create a warm welcome

For any winter sale, attention to detail is important. Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than a home that feels cold. It tells them there is insufficient heating and insulation, both of which can cost thousands of dollar to rectify.

Focus on making your home warm and cosy. For each inspection, turn up the heating. If you have a fireplace, light a warm, inviting fire. Do this in good time so that when potential buyers walk through the fire is settled and glowing, rather than smoky and dirty.

Cozy rich fabrics

Add furnishings to enhance the appeal of your property. A throw rug of warm colours can do wonders to a room. Fashionable colours this season feature rich greens with warm, plush fabrics such as velvet – perfect for throw-cushions.

Authentic, cultural wall-hangings and rugs add texture and atmosphere to any room and are at the cutting edge of house fashion right now.

Let there be light

Make sure all the lights are turned on for every inspection, especially if it's a grey day. Making the most of natural light is essential, too, so consider rearranging furniture to ensure the light through the windows has the maximum impact and have windows cleaned.

Outside, plant your garden for winter time. Emphasise borders with beautiful grasses and give the area a point of focus. Installing even basic lighting will accentuate features, especially if you host evening inspections.

Consider evening inspections

It may seem counter-intuitive, but talk to your agent about evening inspections. If your property is bright and warm, they will show off the warmth and glow of your home, making it the perfect refuge from the cold and wet outside that creates a great first impression with potential buyers.

As always if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know!

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