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Selling and Buying

Okay, so we sold our property in the first week after receiving 3 offers, which wasn’t surprising. We sold it for a good price and we’re pretty happy. After one week the buyers decided to get cold feet and got scared off with a dodgy building inspector who made our 10-year-old house (which is in great condition ) sound like it was falling down. This wasn’t a great experience, however, we managed to secure a second contract with some backup buyers.

This wasn't enjoyable however, it was good to experience what many buyers have to go through during this process.

As usual whilst waiting on the buyers' conditions, we couldn’t offer on another property until we knew we had actually sold.

After three weeks, finally it was unconditional.

Kind Regards,

Kristy Noble

Owner/Sales Noble Properties Brisbane

M: 0416 808 608


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