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Now to find a new home

My personal experience in dealing with the conditions of the property market right now is probably just as stressful as many buyers who are out there looking for their perfect home. It seems like everybody out there is looking for the same property, with the same budget, in the same area. We have been to many homes where they have been over 50+ buyers at each open home and I’m really starting to get a feel for what all the poor buyers are experiencing. I can certainly empathise, which can only be a good thing.

This property market is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, due to the incredibly low interest rates, the interstate migration, and international investors, as well as the fact that Covid has meant nobody can travel overseas so many people are deciding to put that money into property as they cannot go on holiday like they used to. All of this contributes to a huge price increase for Australian property.

Properties are racing out the door and are selling for an additional $150-$200,000 more than what they would have two months ago due to fear of missing out.

It is different being on this side of things as opposed to being the real estate agent.

We have now offered on a couple of properties as well as a bid at auction and missed out due to the frenzy of interstate, international and local buyers. Help!!

Kind Regards,

Kristy Noble

Owner/Sales Noble Properties Brisbane

M: 0416 808 608


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