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Kristy Noble Stories: We came up with many names!

We came up with many names although this was difficult, every name I liked had already been taken or it was too similar to another. My preferred choice would be Noble Properties however the only way to make it possible would be to add ‘Brisbane’ at the end. It would be longer than I would like but if that’s the only way then that’s what it will be.

I booked myself in to complete my full licence which is required to run my own company.

After 2 weeks I completed my training and although I received my certificate, I soon realized that it would now take between 4 and 6 weeks to receive my licence in the mail.

This was not what I wanted to hear, especially as I was ready and rearing to go. I could market the brand (maybe) but could not trade under the name until the licence was literally in my hand. I only checked the mail box 5 times per day 😊

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