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Kristy Noble Stories: "Things have changed for me dramatically!"

Over the years people often asked if I would ever start my own agency. It wasn’t really something I wasn’t interested in due to the fact that I wanted to concentrate only on what I loved the most, listing and selling. I didn’t want the hassles of staffing issues, overheads, or anything else that would take my focus off by the main objective.

From 2018-19 my assistant Sadie and I spent the year in an amazing Diamond support group with the absolute best Real Estate coach in Australia and the best social media guru you could ask for (Aaron Sansoni and Glenn Twiddle) This was a year I will never forget. I ticked off some major life goals. I wrote my own book, Spoke on stage for the first time, and was interviewed on the Real Estate experts channel. I learnt so much about not only Real Estate, but people, life, and relationships. This was a huge catalyst now when I look back as to why I am doing what I'm doing right now.

I always liked the idea of running and presenting things my way. Having a creative design background I struggled not being able to market the way I wanted as my ideas often didn't fit with the branding guidelines of the company. Something else I had little control over was where I was able to distribute my marketing information. Many agencies have a system in place where the individual agents can only market to a particular patch of properties. This does work well generally and means that residents are not hearing from multiple agents from the same agency. For me personally, I did struggle with the fact that there were lots of people whom I wanted to talk to and couldn’t.

During the last few months, things have changed for me dramatically.

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