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Kristy Noble Stories: Now it was time to choose the colours for the branding

Now it was time to choose the colours for the branding.

My first thoughts for colours were Midnight blue and pale pink as these are my favourite colours, although currently used a lot for design and photography branding. Then I wanted something a little more fashionable so Emerald green was the new blue. Fashions come and go to quickly so I decided on something that represented exactly what I wanted people to think of when they saw the branding. It needed to be timeless, represent me, my values and the company values.

After scanning through Pinterest, I instantly loved the chosen colour combo.

Black, White, Rose gold (variation of brown tones with a touch of green (plants/ trees)

Black- Strong, Brave, Powerful, Bold, Classy

White – Simple, Clean, Fresh, Integrity

Brown/Rose golds- Natural, Honest, Humble, Reliable

Perfect representation of what I want Noble Properties Brisbane to encompass

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