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Kristy Noble Stories: It was a sad day...

I nervously told Sharon about my plans, handed in my resignation and she wasn’t overly shocked. She certainly knew something wasn’t right and thankfully she was happy for me and completely understood why I wanted to give it a go on my own.

That afternoon I emptied my office. That was a sad day. McGrath was a great place to work, a real team environment. This was going to feel very strange.

Once I drove away that afternoon It actually felt very freeing. I felt alive and I knew that this was absolutely the right decision for me and the family.

Ok, now I need a company name …

I had always liked my maiden name ‘Bailey’ but all of a sudden, I was really appreciative of my married name. I was finally thanking hubby for such a wonderful name. Noble seemed like the perfect choice for the business name, especially as it was not only my surname but also a great describing word for the kind of properties I want to represent.


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