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Kristy Noble Stories: and then, COVID-19 was upon us...

After recovering from the operation and feeling better than I had in years I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things… and then

COVID-19 was upon us …..

As we all know the world went into lockdown and the world of Real Estate was put on pause.

Whilst we were still listing and selling properties, the transactions were much less.

We were told to stay at home, homeschool our children, and practice social distancing at all times.

I really enjoyed working from home as it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with the family. Something that most of us don’t do anywhere near enough.

Although we were based at home we still carried on working, holding private inspections, speaking to clients, and selling property. This meant that time at home actually felt nice and gave me a little extra time to think.

During this time I had heard of a couple of ideas regarding opportunities of owning your own Real Estate business without the hassles of having to do the admin work which takes time and focus away from selling.

Ok now the cogs are turning, all of a sudden I felt like we had lots to think about.…

  • Should we move to the Sunshine Coast and enjoy the beach lifestyle? ( and start from scratch in Real Estate in a new area).

  • Should we sell our investment property as it negatively geared and enjoy the additional money each week or buy an investment property at the coast so we could visit whenever we wanted?

  • Hows about starting my own agency and looking into these opportunities?

I want to be sure we were actually going to do any of these things until I posted a quote on Instagram which really got me thinking.

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