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Kids back at school!

Christmas, New Year’s, Australia Day, and now it’s already the first day of a new year at school. My youngest Jaxon starts his first day at high school today. Now this will be interesting! At this point in a year, we noticed that the Real Estate world starts to get busy yet again. Buyers have moved into their new jobs, transfers have taken place, schools have started and now people have their real estate hat on and are back to searching for properties. This is a great time to sell and this year we have started to see things pick up, in fact, they really haven’t slowed down since the end of last year which was a huge surprise to many of us who expected Covid to have an impact on Real Estate sales. This hasn’t been noticed yet so let’s watch this space.

Kind Regards,

Kristy Noble

Owner/Sales Noble Properties Brisbane

M: 0416 808 608


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