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Housewarming Gifts Ideas for New Homeowners

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

For home buyers, moving into a new house is thrilling and enjoyable. It can also be stressful and exhausting due to the amount of labour and other frantic tasks required. Nevertheless, it is an excellent reason to throw a housewarming party!

Giving a housewarming present is a sincere welcome gesture as well as a way to celebrate the next chapter of the recipients life. An important milestone event deserves a thoughtfully chosen gift that's innovative, distinctive, and practical.

Scroll on to uncover the best housewarming gift ideas.

Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is a great traditional housewarming present that says, "Welcome to your new home." Choose one with a distinctive pattern or colour to make it a little more special. If you have time, you can even personalize them nowadays making it even more considered. Kitchen Gift Pack

Kitchen products are often a good choice for a practical housewarming present. Beautiful porcelain pans, guest crockery, or crystal glasses are always a hit, and cooking enthusiasts will appreciate specialty goods like chef's knives, hand-carved cutting boards, or the latest gourmet cookbook.

A hamper Including items they are likely to purchase for themselves, such as a stunning art coaster set, a set of attractive adorned cups and saucers to liven up their morning while sipping coffee, a dish towel, bottle opener or wine corkscrew, teaspoons, or an oven mitt. Many of these items can also be custom made making them more personal.

When buying kitchen items, make sure it's something they don’t already have. It's easier with first home buyers but the last thing a second or third time home buyer wants is yet another set of champagne glasses.

At-Home Spa Treats Moving into a new home necessitates a significant amount of effort, which involves unpacking and arranging. Gift them some at-home spa treats to indulge themselves at the end of the day as a thank you for a job well done. A delightfully fragrant candle is always kindly received. Soy Candles are certainly more popular due to the fact their burning time is longer and they are more sustainable than paraffin candles.

Gifts that they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves are items such as aromatherapy oil and essential oils, as well as a set of home spa kits (bath bomb’s bath salt, body wash, foot mask, foot scrub, etc.) to enjoy and pamper themselves when the moving madness finally stops.

Fresh Flowers or Green Plants Fresh flowers or green leafy plants will provide colour, life, and brightness to their new home. Choose something that will endure a long time and requires little maintenance. To finish the look, consider some lovely and eye-catching pots or vases.

Note: If considering flowers, make sure you don’t give them a beautiful bunch on the day or subsequent days after moving in. They will have a lot on their plate with organizing and unpacking and the flowers will be more of an inconvenience stuck in a corner somewhere. Custom house number or address sign

Think outside the box with a housewarming gift that's meant for outside the home. Commission a custom address sign for the homeowners to dress up their outdoor patio or home's façade.

Custom House Portrait This is a gift they will treasure forever. If you know a fantastic artist, ask them to paint a beautiful picture of their new home and frame it. I guarantee they'll be speechless — in the best way possible, of course.

PS: We are lucky enough to have our very own and very talented artist who has been known to paint some stunning local properties. If this is of interest feel free to check in with me

Personalised Key Ring

A great gift idea and something that will make them smile every time they use the keys to their new home

Mouth-Watering Treats and a Bottle of Champagne or Wine

Gifting a sumptuous meal voucher (ask me about some local restaurants and eateries), nibbles and a bottle of champagne or wine is a guaranteed way to commemorate moving into a new home. Home movers are likely to crack a bottle of champagne and celebrate with gourmet appetizers on their first night in their new home.

Regardless of what you choose, what's important is the sentiment and the amount of care you put into your housewarming present.

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