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Home tips: How to select the right furniture for your space


Take note of the size and ceiling height of the room – Take Measurements.

Ensure once the furniture is in place that you will be able to move around the pieces easily


Just because you love a certain piece doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good in your space. Visualise the adored piece alongside other furniture to make sure it will fit with the theme. Colours and materials play an essential part.


How do you use the space? What is the purpose of the furniture piece? Will it be used often? Is it

comfortable or does it just look nice? Consider scenarios in which the space can be utilised and fit out accordingly.


The furniture needs to compliment the space. For example: Does the room have an architectural feel? If so, you wouldn’t choose a country style sofa. The chosen pieces need maintain a balanced look. Ensure your furniture isn’t too heavy or overpowering for the space. It’s also important not to choose small items if you have a large space to fill i.e. A small pendant hanging from a large high staircase void.


If you are wanting higher quality furniture at a fraction of the cost, try looking at second hand pieces instead. Vintage furniture items can add style and personality and cost a lot less. Often you can find high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces without the high price tag. Many people have a low budget with a millionaire’s taste. It is possible to update a room with a blend of upcycled, and high-end furniture with some cheaper items in the mix. Choose your high-end pieces carefully and consider if they will be the statement piece, then work around it.

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