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Finally, we bought

After selling our property and watching the prices increase to a ridiculously high, we finally purchased a property. At the time of offering, the agent had received 12 offers and as many of our buyers have to, we had to go in blind to give the absolute best offer. Again, an experience that means I can now empathise with the buyers searching for property.

By the time we had sold our lovely property in Moggill, waited for it to go unconditional, and secured a new property. We went from being able to purchase a 4-bedroom renovated property to a 3-bedroom, unrenovated property due to the huge price increase. We still bought in the suburb, we wanted but we certainly had to be more open-minded with our search. I guess that would be the best advice I would give at this time. Be more open-minded to different options and maybe even different suburbs if you want to find your next property.

Kind Regards,

Kristy Noble

Owner/Sales Noble Properties Brisbane

M: 0416 808 608


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