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Decorating Ideas on a Tight Budget

Want to decorate your place but you are on a tight budget? Read on to know how to cut costs creatively.

Your home is a place to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your family. The décor you chose should put you at ease, make you feel at home, and be an expression of you.

When it comes to decorating and enlivening your home, some touch-ups can be quite costly, but don't worry. There are ways to update and revamp your space without breaking the bank. Even if you're on a tight budget, you can spruce up your home with a couple of these ideas.


One of the easiest ways to save while touching up your home is to get rid of things that you don’t need, love, and are considered non-essential. Items that are out of date, worn, or damaged may be detracting from the appearance. Eliminating them can offer a fresh feel and provide you with the space to add some new touches.

Rearrange What You Already Have

Try moving items such as paintings and furniture. Mum used to change our furniture around all the time and it really made a difference to the space. You can Reupholster existing pieces, throw a beautiful blanket on your bed, add some colourful cushions to your couch and paint your old wooden furniture for a completely new look. Why not try shopping at home first before going out to spend unnecessarily. You may have the items already in a cupboard or another room where they are not being shown to their fullest potential.

Add Some Greens

Plants and flowers are some of the best ways to bring life, freshness and colour into your home. If you are unsure about how to care for them, consider purchasing artificial ones. You can get some very realistic ones nowadays. Start small if you don't have the funds for large indoor plants, grow them from seeds, or look for smaller plants to care for, or ask your friends whether you can take cuttings from their amazing succulents and reproduce them. I have discovered that the beautiful Peace Lilly is pretty hard to kill. I am the worst keeper of plants and I literally keep my peace Lilly’s in water only. When they start to wilt, I know it’s time to give them more water. Not the best way to maintain them but it may be a way of learning how often to water them without drowning them. Don't forget to add some beautiful pots or vases to complete the look.

Hang Artworks or Photos

Artwork and photos give your home personality, especially if they have meaning. Maybe hang a beautiful place you have visited or an experience you have had, and turn the designated space into a one-of-a-kind, interesting environment. It doesn’t have to be expensive for it to look good - Try investing in original artwork by local artists, check out when the schools and colleges have student showings of original works at affordable prices, find artworks with reasonable prices online, visit auction houses for some antique paintings, or have your favourite photo printed (Office Works are reasonable).

Adjust Your Lightings

Swap your bright white lights for a softer glow to make your space feel warmer and more welcoming. (Be careful not to go yellow as this can be a little out of date) Try adding table lamps. This can be a cost-effective alternative as you don't require an electrician. Provide lighting that adds character and ambiance to your room.


Use your imagination and tap into your creativity to beautify your home. Try easy DIY room décor – Wall paper or decals for a unique and textured look, add fairy lights to your children’s bedroom wall or tuck into a glass jar for a magical feel, add natural materials such as driftwood and shells or paint your pots with acrylic paint for a more personal touch. DIY can be used to transform your room in a multitude of ways, just make sure to choose decor pieces that speak to you.

When it comes to refreshing your home, there are numerous options available. Focus on small changes, one room at a time, as even the smallest detail can have a big impact, or look into doing what you can yourself to save money. Your budget should not prevent you from beautifying your home.

If you are thinking of selling your home and are updating for this reason, some of these ideas may not apply. It’s a fine line and too much personality can put prospective buyers off as they need to picture themselves living in the home. In this case the styling requires less of you and more of a general look and feel.

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