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Are we actually selling?

After 10 years of living in Moggill and having built our house, it looks like it’s time to finally move. This is something we have been toying up over the years as the drive to Moggill seems to get longer and longer. With my Real Estate career, this can be frustrating. Sometimes it takes me 45 mins to 1hr to drive to work. It’s difficult when you want to live in a different suburb. However, love the layout and the design of your home. The ideal scenario would be to pick it up and move it. If only it was that simple!

With the property market going gangbusters it seems like the perfect time to achieve maximum results for our home. We just need to do it quickly before prices in the area we move into increase too much and unfortunately, that seems to be what’s happening right now. Quick quick quick... let’s do this!

Kind Regards,

Kristy Noble

Owner/Sales Noble Properties Brisbane

M: 0416 808 608


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